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Cool Quiz Genius (CQG) is an easy-to-use tool originally created to for converting your multiple choice questions into WebCT CE 4.1 syntax. This tool can also be used with Moodle 1.9 and Moodle 2.0 Import using the WebCT question format.

By following four easy steps, you will be able to copy and paste existing test questions into a form which produces a text file that can be uploaded to your Moodle instance and used with the Questions area for quizzes and other activities that support the question database. Please note that this tool only converts Multiple Choice type questions with only 1 correct answer.

"I truly appreciate the simplicity of Quiz Genius. It does all that I need it to do without the hassle and expense of more complex and expensive programs. I've recommended it to several of my colleagues who use WebCT."

Mary Anne McMurray, Professor of Biology
Henderson Community College

Before you begin, have the test question documents handy as you will need them to expedite this process. CQG will accept text copied from a variety of word processors such as Microsoft Word™, Notepad, or Simple text. It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with a few CQG terms before you begin.

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Cool Quiz Genius is a shareware tool. We are accepting donations to help maintain this free service. If you would like to donate to CQG, below is a list of recommended donations. All money collected will go directly towards development time for enhancing the product.

Individual   $25 per year
Small institution   $100 per year
Large institution   $250 per year

If you would like to write a check or money order, please send it to:
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